ICGEC - 2018
The 12th International Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computing
December 14-17, 2018   Changzhou Jiangsu, China


Announcement of Reviewing Results

Dear Contributing Authors,

   We are grateful to your participation in the event. There were a vast number of papers from various disciplines being submitted to ICGEC-2018. According to the reports from anonymous reviewers, the lists of accepted papers are given below.

The list of accepted papers

1. Paper Title: A New Advantage Sharing Inspired Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Lingping Kong and Vaclav Snasel

2. Paper Title: Density Peak Clustering based on Firefly Algorithm

Jiayuan Wang, Tanghuai Fan, Zhifeng Xie, Xi Zhang, and Jia Zhao

3. Paper Title: A Multi-Population QUasi-Affine Transformation Evolution Algorithm for Global Optimization

Nengxian Liu, Jeng-Shyang Pan, Xiangwen Liao, and Guolong Chen

4. Paper Title: Particle Swarm Optimization based Parallel Input Time Test Suite Construction

Yunlong Sheng, Changan Wei, and Shouda Jiang

5. Paper Title: Improved Whale Optimization Algorithm and its Application to UCAV Path Planning Problem

Jeng-Shyang Pan, Jenn-Long Liu, and En-Jui Liu

6. Paper Title: Effects of Centrality and Heterogeneity on Evolutionary Games

Xin Ge, Hui Li, and Lili Li

7. Paper Title: An Improvement for View Synthesis Optimization Algorithm

Chang Liu, Ke-Bin Jia, and Peng-Yu Liu

8. Paper Title: External Hierarchical Archive based Differential Evolution

Zhenyu Meng, Jeng-Shyang Pan, and Xiaoqing Li

9. Paper Title: A GIS-based Optimization of ACO in UAV Network

Weifeng Sun, Yuanxun Xing, Guangqun Ma, and Shumiao Yu

10. Paper Title: An Intelligent Temperature Measurement and Control System for the Steel Mill

Yuhang Huang, Yeqing Wang, and Gefei Yu

11. Paper Title: Influence of SVC and STATCOM Access on Voltage Stability of Doubly-Fed Wind Turbine

Peiqiang Li, Zhengbang Xia, Luqi Jie, Chuan Lin, Peidong Sun, and Pengcheng Cao

12. Paper Title: Influence of Wind Farm Access on System Small Signal Stability

Pei-Qiang Li, Lu-Qi Jie, Zheng-Bang Xia, and Cai-Jie Weng

13. Paper Title: Visual QR Code with Beautification and Self-Recovery Based on Data Hiding

Huili Cai, Bin Yan, and Jeng-Shyang Pan

14. Paper Title: Cloud Service and APP for Drug-Herb Interaction

Lingyun Feng, Jui-Le Chen, Li-Chai Chen, and Shih-Pang Tseng

15. Paper Title: Design and Implementation of the Health Monitor for Aged People

Zhong-Jie Liu and Shih-Pang Tseng

16. Paper Title: A Uniform Methodology for Mobile and Desktop Web Applications

Chi-Tsai Yeh and Ming-Chih Chen

17. Paper Title: Design of Greenhouse Wireless Monitoring System based on Genetic Algorithm

Lijuan Shi, Shengqiang Qian, Lu Wang, and Qing Li

18. Paper Title: Design and Implementation of Microbiological Fermentation Monitoring System

Jing Wang, Jun Wang, and Shengxia Liu

19. Paper Title: A Bi-level Image Segmentation Framework Using Gradient Ascent

Cheng Li, Baolong Guo, Xinxing Guo, and Yulin Yang

20. Paper Title: Finger Vein Image Registration based on Genetic Algorithm

Zilong Chen, Wen Wang, Lijuan Sun, Jian Guo, Chong Han, and Hengyi Ren

21. Paper Title: A Review of Satellite Video on Demand with Evolutionary Computing

De Yao Lin and Xue-Hong Huang

22. Paper Title: Graph-regularized NMF with Prior Knowledge for Image Inpainting

Li Liu, Fei Shang, Siqi Chen, Yumei Wang, and Xue Wang

23. Paper Title: Collaborative Filtering Model based on Time Context for IPTV Live Recommendation

Zhengying Hu, Yun Gao, Xin Wei, and Fang Zhou

24. Paper Title: Virtual Reality Projection Alignment for Automatic Measuring Truck’s Box Volume in Single Image

Wei Sun, Lei Bian, Peng-hui Li, and Yue-Cheng Li

25. Paper Title: License Plate Occlusion Detection based on Character Jump

Wenzhen Nie, Pengyu Liu, and Kebin Jia

26. Paper Title: Reversible Watermarking based on Adaptive Prediction Error Expansion

Qi Li, Bin Yan, Hui Li, and Jeng-Shyang Pan

27. Paper Title: A New Comprehensive Database for Hand Gesture Recognition

Lanyue Pi, Kai Liu, Yun Tie, and Lin Qi

28. Paper Title: Fast Algorithms for Poisson Image Denoising using Fractional-Order Total Variation

Jun Zhang, Mingxi Ma, Chengzhi Deng, and Zhaoming Wu

29. Paper Title: An Adaptive Model Parameters Prediction Mechanism for LCU Level Rate Control

Zeqi Feng, Pengyu Liu, Kebin Jia, and Kun Duan

30. Paper Title: An Image Encryption Scheme Based on the Discrete Auto-Switched Chaotic System

Chunlei Fan, Kai Feng, Xin Huang, and Qun Ding

31. Paper Title: A Robust on-road Vehicle Detection and Tracking Method Based on Monocular Vision

Ling Xiao, Yongjun Zhang, Jun Liu, and Yong Zhao

32. Paper Title: An AC Power Conditioning with Robust Intelligent Controller for Green Energy Applications

En-Chih Chang, Rong-Ching Wu, and Chun-An Cheng

33. Paper Title: A Distributing Method for Insufficient Supply in P2P Video Broadcast System

Zhiming Cai, Xuehong Huang, and Yiwen Ou

34. Paper Title: An Application of Support States from Speech Emotions in Consensus Building

Ning He and Yang Liu

35. Paper Title: An Adaptive Algorithm of Showing Intuitively the Structure of a Binary Tree

Pin-Ju Ye, Chun-Guo Huang, and Yuan-Wang Hu

36. Paper Title: Single Actor Pooled Steganalysis

Zichi Wang, Zhenxing Qian, and Xinpeng Zhang

37. Paper Title: Field Analysis and Flux Weakening Control of PMSM Used in Vehicle

Zhong-Shu Liu

38. Paper Title: Effects of Different Factors on the Visibility in Kaohsiung Area using Hierarchical Regression

Chang-Gai Lee and Wen-Liang Lai

39. Paper Title: Implementation of Data Collection in Smart Living Application

Yuh-Chung Lin, Yu-Chun Liu, Chun-Cheng Wei, and Xiao-Gang Wang

40. Paper Title: Generalized Benford's Distribution for Data Defined on Irregular Grid

Li-Fang Shi1, Bin Yan, Jeng-Shyang Pan, and Xiao-Hong Sun

41. Paper Title: Application of Bluetooth Low Energy in Smart Connected Lighting

Kai Yang

42. Paper Title: Applying Wireless Sensors to Monitor the Air Conditioning Management System

Tung-Ming Liang, Yi-Nung Chung, and Chao-Hsing Hsu

43. Paper Title: Research on the Method of Solving Danger Level of Cascading Trips in Power System

Hui-Qiong Deng, Bo-Lan Yang, and Chao-Gang Li

44. Paper Title: Service Migration based on Software-Defined Networking

Chin-Shiuh Shieh, Cheng-Ta Lu, Yu-Chun Liu, and Yuh-Chung Lin

45. Paper Title: Discussions about Construction of Digital Campus in the Development of Higher Vocational Colleges

Haiying Zhou

46. Paper Title: Parking Information Acquisition System Based on LoRa and Geomagnetic Sensor

Zhai Wenzheng

47. Paper Title: Design of Library Reader Deployment and Management System Based on RFID Technology

Lijuan Shi and Yafei Wang

48. Paper Title: Reliable and Efficient Task Allocation Method in Wireless Sensor Networks

Da-Xiu Zhang, Chia-Cheng Hu, Xiao-Juan Zhu, and Rui-Bin Xu

49. Paper Title: Automatic Training Data Generation Method for Pixel-level Road Lane Segmentation

Xun Pan, Yutian Wu, and Harutoshi Ogai

50. Paper Title: Breaking CNN Based Steganalysis

Zhenxing Qian, Cheng Huang, Zichi Wang, and Xinpeng Zhang

51. Paper Title: Meteorite Detection and Tracing with Deep learning on FPGA Platform

Kuo-Kun Tseng, Jiangrui Lin, Haichuan Sun, K.L. Yung, and W. H. Ip

52. Paper Title: Multi-local Feature Target Detection Method Based on Deep Neural Network

Guojie Li, Wenxue Wei, and Wen Sun

53. Paper Title: Medical Image Diagnosis with Deep Learning on FPGA Platform

Kuo-Kun Tseng, Ran Zhang, and Lantian Wang

54. Paper Title: Innovative Financial Prediction Model Based on Lasso and Keras Neural Network

Xiaogang Wang and Shichen Zhai

55. Paper Title: Innovative Text Extraction Algorithm Based on Tensorflow

Shichen Zhai, Xiaogang Wang, Di Xiao, and Zhiwen Li

56. Paper Title: Convolutional Neural Networks Implemented by Tensorflow for the Segmentation of Left Ventricular MRI Images

Chih-Yu Hsu and Kuo-Kun Tseng

57. Paper Title: Financial Analysis with Deep Learning

Kuo-Kun Tseng, Chiye Ou, Ao Huang, and Regina Fang-Ying Lin, Xiangmin Guo

58. Paper Title: A LSTM-Based Topic Flow Pattern Learning Algorithm and its Application in Deceptive Review Detection

Na Liu, Lu-Yu Dong, and Shu-Juan Ji

59. Paper Title: Deep Learning for Image Denoising: A Survey

Chunwei Tian, Yong Xu, Lunke Fei, and Ke Yan

60. Paper Title: Decision Support of Intelligent Factory Evaluation Based on RAGA-AHP

Shaoqin Lu

61. Paper Title: Hot Topic Detection Based on VSM and Improved LDA Hybrid Model

Qiu Liqing, Liu Haiyan, Fan Xin, and Jia Wei

62. Paper Title: Using Open Data to Create Smart Travel Application

Xiao-Hu Ma, Yu-Chun Liu, and Chun-Cheng Wei

63. Paper Title: An Public Auditing Scheme with Data Recovery

Tsu-Yang Wu, Chien-Ming Chen, King-Hang Wang, Jimmy Ming-Tai Wu, and Jeng-Shyang Pan

64. Paper Title: A Novel Approach for Objectness Estimation Based on Saliency Segmentation and Superpixels Clustering

Jie Niu, Yi-Wen Jiang, Liang Huang, and Hao-Wen Xue

65. Paper Title: Imbalanced Data Classification Algorithm Based on Integrated Sampling and Ensemble Learning

Yan Han, Mingxiang He, and Qixian Lu

66. Paper Title: Classification of Snoring Sound Related Signals Based on MLP

Limin Hou, Huancheng Liu, Xiaoyu Shi, and Xinpeng Zhang

67. Paper Title: Extension of Sample Dimension and Sparse Representation based Classification of Low-dimension Data

Qian Wang, Yongjun Zhang, Ling Xiao, and Yuewei Li

68. Paper Title: GFSOM: Genetic Feature Selection for Ontology Matching

Hiba Belhadi, Karima Akli-Astouati, Youcef Djenouri, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, and Jimmy Ming-Tai Wu

69. Paper Title: Matching Biomedical Ontologies Through Compact Evolutionary Simulated Annealing Algorithm

Xingsi Xue, Jie Chen, Jianhua Liu, and Dongxu Chen

70. Paper Title: Study on Information and Integrated of MES Big Data and Semiconductor Process Furnace Automation

Kuo-Chi Chang, Jeng-Shyang Pan, Kai-Chun Chu, Der-Juinn Horng, and Huang Jing

71. Paper Title: An Ontology Based Recommendation System for ADAS Design

Hsun-Hui Huang, Horng-Chang Yang, and Yongjia Yu

72. Paper Title: Application of Big Data Technology in Student Management Decision

Jianjian Luo

73. Paper Title: Detection of Opinion Leaders in Social Networks using Entropy Weight Method for Multi-Attribute Analysis

Liqing Qiu, Wenwen Gao, Xin Fan, Wei Jia, and Jinfeng Yu

74. Paper Title: A K-shell Decomposition based Heuristic Algorithm for Influence Maximization in Social Networks

Liqing Qiu, Jinfeng Yu, Wei Jia, Xin Fan, and Wenwen Gao

75. Paper Title: Predicting the Co-Movement of stocks in the Hong Kong Stock Market

Chuxun Chen and Jean Lai

76. Paper Title: A New Multi-criteria Recommendation Algorithm for Groups of Users

Shenghui Guo, Shujuan Ji, Chunjin Zhang, Xin Wang, and Jianli Zhao

Dear Contributing Authors,

   Please notice that the deadline for final camera-ready paper is 20th,September , 2018, and this deadline cannot be extended. Later submission will not be included into the proceedings of ICGEC 2018. Please carefully follow the steps below to prepare the camera-ready paper.


Format your paper according to the LNCS template and build the PDF file of your manuscript:
(LaTeX) llncs2e.zip and typeinst.zip, or
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Complete the attached consent to publish form
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Create a folder named ICGEC2018_XXX, and place the following files in the folder. Notice that you should include all the source files, e.g., if you are using Latex, then you should include LaTeX2e files for the text and PS/EPS or PDF/JPG files for all figures, as well as the Final DVI file.
3.1 the PDF file, and named it as ICGEC2018_XXX.pdf (from Step 1)
3.2 the source file, and named it as ICGEC2018_XXX.tex or ICGEC2018_XXX.doc (latex files or word file (from Step 1)
3.3 the consent to publish (from Step 2)


Zip up the folder from Step 3 and call it ICGEC2018_XXX.zip


Submit the zip file ICGEC2018_XXX.zip (from Step 4) with subject "Camera Ready Submission: ICGEC2018" to the conference chair
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If you have any questions, please contact the proceeding co-chairs:
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